The Black Hand

by Supreme Ritual

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released April 10, 2016

All songs written and produced by Supreme Ritual. The Black Hand recorded at Ebenente Studios. Engineered by Chad Istvan and Jonah Latshaw. Artwork by Joe Breitenbach and Dan August.



all rights reserved


Supreme Ritual Elkton, Maryland

Metal/Hardcore band from Elkton, Maryland

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Track Name: Cannibals in Eden

I've wasted enough time searching to know there's nothing out there for me.
When I screamed to the clouds so desperately nothing answered me.
Heaven is designed in your eyes,
Just as God is created in your mind.
Give me something to believe. Give me something to save me.
Show me how to let go of the hatred that controls me.
I will not believe.
Is my heart true father?
Am i pure father?
I reject this emptiness, and I see through your disguise.
Track Name: Burn Within

They say the more things change,
The more they stay the same,
And I'm fucking sick,
Of feeling this way.
Everything that comes easy to everyone else,
Keeps me awake at night,
Fearing for myself.
I sleep far too much,
Cause I'm afraid to wake up,
And face how empty my life has become.
Constant voices,
In my head,
Telling me to just let go.
So I'll keep poisoning myself,
Just to feel anything else.
I'll fan the flames that burn my skin,
I'll light the match that burns within,
There's no hope in a grave,
And all the dead are dead just the same.
Track Name: Violence

One act of violence could set me free.
This is all for nothing. Day in. Day out. Holding on to my sanity.
Keep telling myself everything is fine. But not on the inside.
You've found yourself addicted to your sadness. It's who you are. It's all you know.
One act of violence and
I could be free from everyone who haunts me.
One act of violence could kill you all.
Track Name: Hollow

Until you're gone I'm yours,
But by the time you're back,
I'll be long gone.
I won't even be the same person you know,
Changes spawned from a heart lost and lonely.
There's nothing inside of me.
You will forget all about me,
And we'll go our separate ways,
Rip out my heart,
Take it apart,
And you won't find anything.
There's nothing inside of me,
I'm hollow and dead you see.
There's nothing inside.
Turn back time and save me from you and I,
As the sun sets on my horizon,
The hollow hole that held my heart rapes me of humanity.
Track Name: The Black Hand

You've got a lot to fucking learn about the way of the world,
And holding onto the way things used to be.
Wheels never stop turning,
Nothing happens the same way twice.
The things you're so proud of,
Should keep you awake at night.
You play the victim so well,
That you've convinced yourself,
You are owed the world,
When everything you have you stole.
I see the snake hiding behind your eyes,
I hear the hiss as you speak your lies,
The empty promises you made me,
No longer have a hold on me.
And if it were up to me,
You'd be stripped of your mask,
And I'd take this knife,
You left in my back,
And cut the head off the fucking snake.
You've got a lot to fucking learn you fucking coward.
Track Name: The Politics of Suicide

It's a beautiful fucking lie,
And it's my life.
Take everything I've learned in the past 18 years,
And throw it all out this fucking window.
It's all for show.
Check my vital signs cause I'm feeling kind of low.
Split my mind in two.
To forget 157,000 hours,
Put this gun to your head,
And fucking pull.
Lie to me,
Over and over and over again.
Shelter me from this pain you feel,
So I can tell myself I'm not real,
Yeah I'll tell myself I'm not real.
To make it all seem,
Like its a bad dream,
You can slit your wrists or cut your throat,
To make it all seem,
Like its a bad dream,
You can hang yourself from a hangman's noose.